LARS GILMAN is Breakwater’s Head Brewer and ale craftsman extraordinaire. Lars is a native southern Californian, but first became interested in home brewing when he moved to Chicago in 1998. In 2001 he took the Short Course in Brewing Technology at the Seibel Institute of Chicago, and shortly thereafter he began working at the Goose Island Brewery, where he learned the ins and outs of brewing on a commercial scale.

In 2002 he moved back to California to take a job brewing for Stone Brewing Company, which at the time was in San Marcos.  Lars left Stone in 2004 to open Hydrobrew, a homebrewing and hydroponics supply store located here in Oceanside. In February 2010, Lars became the head brewer at Breakwater Brewing Company, and in June of that year his DMJ IPA won a gold medal at the San Diego International Beer Festival.



RICH CARNEY is our in-house Brewer, assisting Lars around the mash tun and kettle. Rich was born and raised in Boston but moved to San Diego for the beer and sunshine, and has been immersed in the craft brewing scene ever since. When he’s not brewing or tending bar, he’s usually enjoying a delicious local pint.